College Care Package

Showing encouragement to our young college students!

Here at New Hope, we want to make sure that our college students know we have not forgotten about them, we still love them, and they are still our family! We want to show encouragement to these students through a College Care Package!

Here's how you can help! If you have a college student, sign them up for a care package at! If you don’t have a college student, you can donate one..., two..., three…, or more items to put into a care package to be sent. Below is a list of some items you can donate for College Care Packages.

Sign Up Form can be found at the bottom of this page.

*Deadline to bring items to the church is September 28 and 29.

Items you can donate

-Small notebooks





-Stapler and Staples

-Note Cards



-Laundry Soap Pods or Individual Packets

-Small Soaps or Travel Size Body Wash



-Mint or Any Candy



Fill out the form below to sign up your college student.