There's now two ways to worship -- Online or In-Person Learn More

In-Person Services Reconvene

Two Ways to Worship!

One Church, Two Locations

We now have two places to worship each Sunday at 9:30 and 11 a.m.

You can worship at New Hope Christian Center's facility located one mile North of DeKalb High School OR you can worship at our Online Church Campus. You're still a part of the family regardless of where you worship!

If you're among the vulnerable population or if you're just not quite ready to venture outside yet, we encourage you to continue worshiping at our Online Church Campus.

Online Church Campus

Online Church continues as a virtual option to engage with the Church. It's not really an alternative to in-person services, it's a complement to them.

We will continue to use various online tools like Public Chat, Live Prayer, and the Digital Connection Card to see lost people found, found people free, and free people empowered.

Online Church isn't just a video - it's one of our locations. Pastor Todd Helmkamp will become the Online Church Campus Pastor and will help engage and shepherd everyone who participates.

In-Person Services

In-Person Services are BACK -- but they aren't back as usual. Here's a look at some of the changes you may notice.

Entering the Building

As you enter the building, you'll probably receive a smile and wave instead of a handshake. You'll probably see a volunteer sanitizing surfaces -- they'll be cleaning all morning long.

In order to help the most people feel safe, we're removing all of the normal stuff you may be used to touching: no coffee, handouts, candy, etc. and replacing them with hand-sanitizing stations. I know for the coffee lovers out there, you'll want to be prepared with your own dose of java.

Kids Ministry

Kids ministry classes, including nursery, will not reopen in the near future. We believe God is giving us an opportunity for our children to witness their parents worshiping and engaging in the services. Parents can continue to minister to their children at home, utilizing the Kids Ministry Resource Bags in conjunction with Kids Worship and Presentation videos located here. You can pick up your Kids Ministry Resource Bags at the front doors of the church on Saturdays from 9-11 or at the Sunday Morning in-person service.

In the Sanctuary

As you enter the sanctuary, you'll notice we've rearranged the seats to provide more social distance between family units.

We will keep services to under an hour, and give you plenty of time to chat and reconnect with one other. You may be comfortable giving a bear-hug to your neighbor, but they may not feel comfortable receiving it! So when you reconnect, please do so outside and at a social distance.


We encourage everyone over age 2 to wear a mask, and we will have one available for you each Sunday (we will even give you a cloth mask you can use and re-use if you'd like!).

This topic is a polarizing one. We get it. It's turned into a political battlefield. There's a lot of noise in the world right now related to COVID-19. We're not trying to clarify that noise or take a stance one way or the other, but we are trying to make church a place that feels safe to others.

Our encouragement to wear a mask comes from a desire to love our neighbors and help others feel more safe and comfortable worshipping together. If you have concerns about this, please read this excellent article. If you still have concerns, please email [email protected] so we can talk.